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Important Alliance Announcements:

2nd July 2009

Congratulation, Shadow has once again recruited another mighty ally into our legion. The republic has thus renamed as Shadow (IV). With so many subordinate guild, name everyone as Shadow would be much an elite system.

Let's abominate elite system and come up with a name for our new tribe. Shadow Alliance will be the capital, while the rest are towns. In towns, we have elite of their own, protecting and defending their land. They will wait for more instruction for more conquest.

Let me take this opportunity to suggest a name for this new Tribe. How about Lunar Crest Society?

25th June 2009

As you all may know, our main branch member at Devil Realm is been attack right after some of us move to new land. The reason of the attack is yet to be known. At the meantime let's all gather to this new land. Below is the image of it, as you can see, it consist of the main land, two large islands, and one small island. Please fill up the two big island and one small island before proceed to the mainland. Do not go to the wrong island because it will be too far away from the miracle (it will be construct after the alliance reformed)

21th June 2009

K-oS had joined Shadow as the third subordinate guild, Shadow (III). Currently they are still at Devil Realm but will shift to Shadow Realm shortly. I represent every Shadow's member in welcoming them to our family.

Archlord has a vision in building a stronger bond with players, by guiding and helping them. Previously, he train the members and allow them to venture to other alliance. His unselfish act is as if they are his children. Of course in Shadow, I doubt there is much place for you to venture around.

With the help of Archlord, GreyJay, and many more of you. Our task of occupying Shadow Realm is just a matter of time.

19th June 2009

Atlantean Leader Leohart had mention to me that he doesn't see the need to be the top for video game. Guess my worry is too much. Sorry to disappoint you, Shadow also see no need to be the top. But the top few. Been the top will only led to more war, which is against my wish to be peaceful.

Peace to me is not avoid war, rather is that no war will find you, even if you pick a fight with someone else. I am no bully, but this is a war game, how can we enjoy without a war. But I can assure you, having a prolong war is the worst, you won't get to grow and end up been attack every now and then, for you are just the food to others.

So I hope our members are no supplement to other alliance, and we can have the peace we enjoy right now till the end of this server =).

17th June 2009

War has ended, and Hell Storm Clan has disbanded. Their leader was heard to have stated, "I am some what disappointed in my decisions of making enemies of my enemies affiliates."

Atlantean is presumed to have been behind Hell Storm Clan's refusal of the union. Watch your backs.

17th June 2009

After days of supervising (read: blowing them to hell), Sri Vijaya Alliance poses no threat to Shadow; thus, a ceasefire is ordered against them. It would appear as though a new enemy has emerged however: Hell Storm Clan has decided to revolt against the Union. Atlantean has likely made the same choice, but more quietly. Be prepared, and be wary of their peace agreement.

15th June 2009

A meeting was held between leaders of the Shadow, Genesis, and Deviant Alliances. A decision was made to form a union between the three Alliances. Shadow Alliance will be in charge of gathering Shadow Realm members through a Sub-Alliance, which has yet to be formed.

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