misc:Commercial production in numbers

Disclaimer 1: This is an article-in-production but may contain some useful info for commercial side of empire building.

Disclaimer 2: Currently I am assuming sales to Empire only, as market fluctuations is worth a separate topic.

Disclaimer 3: I am new to this game and the information here may be incomplete or even flat wrong.

First thing is clear - producing parts from resources and selling those is more profitable (in the long term) than selling row materials.

Let us consider wood crafting (I have not checked the numbers on others, yet).
Lets assume one lvl 1 Carpenters Workshop and lvl 3 Crafting (before lvl 3 Crafting you dont have this choice). I also have Archon with Shadow 28 (not sure if it affects resource efficiency).

The choice is between producing Plywood Wings and Plywood Frames. Which one will give more profit?

Wings Frames Just sell the wood
Material cost (wood) 25.73 231.5 1
Empire price 12 108 0.4
Income per material unit 0.4664 0.4665 0.4

So far the Frames seem to be the more profitable option and, indeed, if part production capacity exceeds the resource production capacity, this is the most profitable option.

However, in most cases resource production exceeds part production capacity and therefore production time is an issue.

I am using numbers with no Airship Theory researched, but I have Archon with Shadow 28 (not sure if it affects production speed).

Wings Frames
Time required (secondsto produce one) 245 2213
Wood processed per 24 hours 9073.76 9038,23
Income from 24 hour produce 4231.84 4216.54

As we can see (surprisingly?) that if we consider time to be the limiting factor, the Wing production is actually more efficient than Frame production.

Last row also gives insight that both Wing and Frame production beats direct sales of wood. But is it worth building a Carpenter's Workshop?

Wings Frames
Income from selling same amount of wood 3629.50 3615.29
Daily profit from processing parts 602,33 601,25

Carpenter's Workshop lvl 1 costs 200g + 150 Sand Stone + 20 minutes of in town production time.
Lets assume Sand Stone Imperial sell price of 0.2g and estimate a minute of in town production time to be worth 1g.
We do not take into account the value of researching Crafting skill, because you need that for building transport ships as well, so that is a sunk cost anyway.

We get estimated cost for Carpenter's Workshop at ~250g, which means that the workshop will pay off twice in first 24 hours (if you operate it 24/7).

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