To even start to build an emplacement, you either need a Skyport, or a Flagship that can handle one. The Light Flagships that come with Heroes can NOT handle emplacements.

To my knowledge thus far, the following emplacements can be attached to a Skyport:

Emplacement Shipyard Level Requirement 1 Requirement 2 Time Emplacement Type
Focused Beam 1 Wood: 80 Metal: 80 42Min 36Sec Land: 6
Charged Photon 5 Accuracy Skill: Level3 Crystal: 300 2H 7Min 49Sec Land: 12

And here is a list of their combat parameters:

Emplacement Weapon Type Attack Range Speed Defense Type Armor Weight
Focused Beam Beam 130 2600 15 Heavy Armor 140 6
Charged Photon Accuracy 500 3000 60 Heavy Armor 500 12

Now, how to build one. Apart from the obvious requirements above, you must have a Level2 War Room, and thus a Level2 Castle. These are needed to build your Shipyard, which is found under the Castle menu (not Military), which is the actual facility that manufactures the Emplacements. Go into your Shipyard (the one you built from the Castle menu), and CLICK FLAGSHIP LIST. Emplacements go straight onto the dock or airship, they don't sit around waiting to be equipped. Once you've got the appropriate ship selected (yes, that includes the dock), you should be able to set up construction of your emplacements.

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