Subordinate Branch

Sub Alliance Shadow (I)

In here we groom the players to be future Shadow leaders. Government by the Shadow Leader himself, so as to pick the right person for the expansion and major decision tasks.

Alliance Leader: Hade (My second account)
Deputy Leader: relions

Sub Alliance Shadow (II)

Formerly 42 alliance. Consist of 42's members and new blood for Shadow. Led by a decisive and gentle leader

Alliance Leader: GreyJay
Deputy Leader: Algar
Senior Advisers: Sorata, Pauper, Jeebuzz, and ShadowGuard311

Sub Alliance Shadow (III)

Formerly ][K-oS][ alliance. Equipping members with the knowledge of building a stronger empire. Led by a wonderful Leader with great mind and vision.

Alliance Leader: Archlord
Deputy Leader: to be updated

Sub Alliance Shadow (V)

Shadow Alliance sub-alliance under the direct command of Shadow Alliance.

Alliance Leader: Jupiteris
Deputy Leader: to be updated

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