Terraforming makes use of the Holy Crystal's power to transform city land completely. However, the main castle can't begin terraforming until it's level 2. Branch cities have no limitation.

How it works

Terraforming will attempt to change the current terrain types around your city to the terrain you select. It affects all 8 terrain areas, and you are guaranteed at least four of the terrain type you choose.

For example, you have a brand new city with 2 Plains, 2 Lakes, 2 Mountains, and 2 Woodlands. If you were to terraform and choose Desert as your desired terrain type, all 8 of those would be erased, and replaced with 4 to 8 Desert. Anything that doesn't become Desert gets randomly chosen - you could end up with 4 Desert and 4 Plains. You could end up with 7 Desert and a Mine Mount (sparkly Mountain).

Resource Costs

Terraforming costs 500 Gold and 2000 Sandstone. Sky Points are ONLY required if you want to increase your chances of getting the terrain you selected (a better chance of getting all 8 Desert, from the example above), and/or you want to increase your chances of getting a Sparkly terrain. Also, if you want to terraform your MAIN CITY, its Castle has to be Level 2 or above; any other cities you can start terraforming as soon as the city is created.

Sparkly Terrain

These give you a +30% boost in production over their regular counterparts, and are plainly visible by the swarm of sparkles floating up from that part of the City Map. It is advisable to try for 8 of the same terrain over 4 terrain with 1 Sparkly - we shall do some math to explain why:

Let's pretend we have 7 Desert - two of them Crystal Desert (their Sparkly counterparts) - and a Mountain. And we'll say each Refinery placed on a Desert gives us 10 Crystal production. Five of these deserts are normal, and two of them are Sparkly so we get +13 from them.

10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 13 + 13 (or 10 x 5 + 13 x 2) = +76 Crystal per hour.
Now, if we had 8 Deserts with NO Sparklies, we would have 10 x 8 or +80 Crystal per hour.

So you see, you need at LEAST 4 Sparkly Deserts to make up for just one missing Desert.


Sometimes when you try to Terraform, you get an "Insufficient Resources" message, even when you have the necessary Gold and Sandstone. Do not whine on the forums about how it's broken, do not complain about needing Sky Points to terraform. It's a common issue, the only solution is to just keep trying until it works. I think my record for getting the error was 6 times in a row.

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